Every action counts! 

Every action counts! 

The Next Generation of Rhino
What does ebola have to do with wildlife? Everything! 
The beauty of White Rhinos

The beauty of White Rhinos

Perspective by Mark Middleton

About the art: The rhino in the zebra’s eye demonstrates the beauty and need to preserve this highly threatened species due to poaching. The stripes of the zebra represent the black and white rhino species.  The rusted corrugated tin represents poverty in Africa, which drives the madness of poaching. My hope is that people observe the piece and are intrigued and feel compelled to explore the meaning behind “Perspective.”

This stunningly detailed work of art was created in acrylic by South African born Mark Middleton. It placed in the top 5 ArtPrize competition of 2014.

Touching photos of newborn rhino Bruce!
White Rhinos: It’s all about the poo! 
By: Ben Guarino, The Dodo
Ranger Heroes: spotlighting the Good Guys

The Bloody Puzzle of Rhino Poaching

Mozambique, bordering Kruger National Park, is responsible for 90% of all poaching in the park! This expose goes undercover through the pathetically porous border separating the park from Moz.

Rhino Sales Will Continue in Kruger